Hita Mikuma river Ukai is one of three largest Ukai and very famous for summer common feature.

Make a bonfire on a bow of thin and long Ukai boat, and a cormorant fisherman treat 6~8 cormorants at same time and have them catch some sweetfish and other fish, which is beautiful and you find it a traditional fishing method amazing.


It is said that Hita Ukai started in the age of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Miyaki Chojiro of Hita took four cormorant fisherman for entertainment in Bunroku 3, and now is a 400-year-old traditional feature of Hita. (5/20 – end of October every year) (As it may not be able to operate Yakanabune boat depending on the day, please confirm it in advance)


You can enjoy Yakatabune dinner and Ukai till end of October around Hita.
The prefectural governor used to enjoyed as the best entertainment in Edo era and still it continues.