Unexpected metropolis between the Mountains



Luxuary plan

Enjoy the taste of material by Sukiyaki as main course. Not only Sukiyaki but also river fish which riverside Hita is proud of. Sweetfish of Mikuma river is tasteful and fried body is softly.


Family plan

You can spend your time with family in Hita Hotspring. The laughing voice during dinner time… Be more rich when you gather up with your family and makes it unforgettable day.


Japanese and Western buffet using Oita ingredients

"Local dishes with local ingredients are abundant. For the breakfast, every guest can arrange your favorites by Japanese/Western buffet. You must try Oita food you only can find here and make your stay more valuable. *Buffet might be changed to the set of Japanese style breakfast."

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Look up and find the beautiful moon filled in the sky
Look down and find the Ukai and Yakatabune over Mikuma river
Feel the comfortable breeze and bring you more happiness while taking in the hotspring
Good hotspring called as ""Hotspring of beauty"" ""Hotspring of giving birth"" take you to the dreamland.

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Enjoy your released time from the daily life and feel the time flows slowly. Spend your time with a little gorgeous and comfortable stay.

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Drink, Taste, and Sing.
Sometime gorgeous, sometime calm, fun time at all time.

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If using public transportation,

● By train and bus,
Get off at Hita station by JR Kyudai Main Line
Get off at Hita onsen-gai by Hita Bus

● Airplane
After arrived at Fukuoka airport, take highway bus and get off at Hita Bus Center, and take taxi for 3 minutes
*We have shuttle bus service as well.

If using car,

From Hakata to Hita : 1 hour
From Kumamoto to Hita : 1 hour and a half
From Beppu to Hita : 1 hour
From Nagasaki to Hita : 1 hour and 50 minutes
From Kurume to Hita : 50 minutes
From Kita Kyushu to Hita : 1 hour and a half
From Oita driveway Hita IC to the hotel : 5 minutes
(Parking lot) 60 vehicles parked for free


There's a gorgeous historical back ground of "Tenryo" which is under direct control of the Tokugawa shogunate.
The thing and people's heart were rich and enjoyed the elegant hobbies.
The moon reflected on the cup and enjoyed the cup of sake with sweetfish.
Why don't you wander around Hita town where Hita people loved?

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【Hita Yakatabune】
What is fantastic "Yakatabune/Ukai"?

  • 屋形船
  • 屋形船
  • 屋形船