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Hita sightseeing spot / historical place

Hita Ukai

It has been said that Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Yakatabune (Roofed pleasure boat)

You can enjoy the dishes and Ukai at Yakatabune around Hita hotels and accommodations until the end of October. It continues as the best entertainment and elegant riverside play that prefectural governor enjoyed in Edo/Tenryo era.

Tenryo Hita dolls

“At Hita in Edo era, regional office which controls the area of Shogunate directly controlled, and was flourished with politics, economy, and culture in Kyushu district. Rich people send the Hina dolls back and forth so the old family still keep the Hina dolls which was very expensive in Kyo and Edo till Taisho era. During Tenryo Hita Girls’s festival every year, old family and museum release the exhibition of Hina dolls and Hina tools all together at same time in Mameda-machi and Kuma-machi, and many tourists from over Japan come to visit.”


In 1817 (Edo/Bunka 14), Hirose Tanso opened his private school in Bungo, Hita as Kangien and released many imperial loyalist Oomura Masujiro and Takano Choei. It became the biggest private school in Japan during Edo period, there were about 4,800 students in 80 years.

Takatsuka Atago Jizoson

This is religion facility located in Amagasemachi mabaru and is a very rare case leaves the belief of God/Buddha mixed and it is loved by local people as “”Takatsuka-san””. It gives people benefit such as giving the mother’s milk, healing the disease, academic achievement, Business grow-up and so on.

Sapporo beer Kyushu Hita plant

You can study how to produce the beer made from the selected material. After the factory tour, you can drink the fresh beer for free. (You need a reservation.)

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Ontayaki pottery

Opened in 1705, it has been designated as a national important intangible cultural property in the pottery that has continued to this day in the traditional culture and manufacturing process that ten pottery have protected. In the village, the squeaky sound of “”gi-gotton”” that the mortar squeeze the soil.

Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi (Big bridge)

The biggest pedestrian bridge in Japan and the size is length 390m/ Height 173m/ and width 1.5m. From the pedestrian bridge, you will find the waterfall “”Shindo-no-taki”” which was selected top 100 in Japan, and Kyusuikei valley and the great forest of Narukogawa-Keikoku and enjoy. It is 70 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

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Golf club

Laurel Hita Country Club

The course is wide and you can target the good score. It is called a rehabilitation course and is recommended for some beginners and some players who haven’t played for a long time.

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Hita International Golf Club

This is very difficult course. Green is very narrow and hills are up and down a lot. The price is cheapest in Hita so it is good for practice.

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Amagase Hotspring Country Club

Recommended for beginners. The trees are aligned well so it won’t become OB so much. If the player tries to make the score under 100, it is recommended.

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Hita festival and event

2/15 ~ 3/31Tenryo Hita Girls’ festival
Saturday/Sunday in middle of JuneFirefly festival
Saturday/Sunday after 5/20Hita river Open festival
5/20 ~ 10/31Ukai and yakatabune
Saturday/Sunday after 7/20Hita Gion festival
Sunday after 8/20Hita Mikuma river Sweetfish festival
Second Saturday/Sunday in OctoberOntayaki pottery festival
Third Saturday/Sunday in OctoberHita Tenryo festival