What time is Check-in and Check-out?

Check-in is 15:00, and Check-out is 10:00. Please inform us if your check-in will be later than 18:00.

Can you keep our belongings before check-in and after check-out?

We can keep your belongings at the front.

Can I use credit card?

Yes, you can use JCB / MASTER / VISA / AMEX / UC / NICOS /DC.

How much is kids’ charge?

It depends on the plan. Please contact us.

What time is public bath available?

It is available from 6am in the morning till 12am in the night.

Is there an open-air spa?

Yes, it is separated for Men / Women / Family.

Is there daytrip stays?

Yes, you are welcomed during 12pm and 3pm. Depending on the reservation status, it might not available, so please contact in advance.

Is there a private bath?

Yes, we have one private bath, for inside and outside.

What time is dinner and breakfast available?

Basically, for breakfast it is from 7:00 to 9:00, and for dinner it is prepared from 18:00 to 19:30.

Can I upgrade the cuisine?

If you request us in advance, we can upgrade the cuisine with additional price.

I am allergic to food.

If you inform us a day before check-in, we will try to correspond in a possible way.

Do you serve lunch?

No, we don’t.

Is there non-smoking room?

No, we don’t have non-smoking room, so we will deodorize the room.

Can I request riverside room?

All the rooms are riverside.

Is there a bath in the room?

Yes, there is an unit bath for all the room.

Is there wi-fi service?

Yes, it is available everywhere in the hotel.

Is there a parking lot? Where can I park?

There’s a free parking lot. Please come to the entrance, then our staff will move your car. The parking lot size is almost 4 large vehicles.

Is there a bedroom?

There are 2 mixed rooms.

Can I use wheelchair?

It is not barrier-free completely, but you can use the wheelchair. For Japanese-style room, there’s a gap at the front of the room, and for mixed-style room, there’s a gap while moving to the Japanese-style room. Wheelchair is limited, you can use it as rental.

Is there any restaurants nearby?

During lunch time, Hita fried noodles “Mikuma hanten”, and during dinner time, there are Japanese bars and Yakitori restaurants. And within 15 minutes’ walk, you can find steak house and eel cuisines.

What is Yakatabune -Roofed pleasure boat?

We bring the dishes to the boat and serve the guest in the boat. For the drink, we need to prepare before it departs so we will ask what you want to drink when you check in. Of course, we can add more drinks if you want (it might take time though), but also we won’t charge if you didn’t drink.

How can I get on Yakatabune?

Please let us know when you reserve the room. (Additional charge) Basically, you can get on the boat with other guests. If requested, it can be chartered only for you. Please feel free to contact us.

What is Ukai – Cormorant fishing-?

It is a fishing method the bird Cormorant which is called “U” in Japanese, dive into the river and catch sweetfish and other fish. This is one of the three largest Ukai in Japan and Hita is only the place where you can see Ukai on live while you are having dishes.

What is the history of Ukai?

It is said that Hita Ukai started in the age of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Miyaki Chojiro of Hita took four cormorant fisherman for entertainment in Bunroku 3, and now is a 400-year-old traditional feature of Hita. (5/20 – end of October every year)

How about when it rains?

It will be cancelled. Due to the weather problems such as raining and strong wind, it will not be departed and we will give you money back.

Can the group/big party get on the boat?

Yes, you can.

Please let us know the access to the hotel.

For public transportation, Highway bus and JR railway is available. For the car, Hita IC is the closest exit.

Do you have shuttle bus service?

We pick you up at Hita station/ Hita bus center. After arrived at Hita station/Hita bus center, please contact us. In 5 minutes, we can pick you up.

Is there a beauty treatment and massage?

Yes, it is available from 4,000JPY for 40 minutes.

Can I use the mail service?

Yes, Yamato transportation is available. Please go to kiosk.

Is there any golf course near the hotel?

Within 30 minutes’ drive, there is 1) Laurel Hita Country Club 2) Hita international golf club 3) Amagase hotspring country club (Accordia) *In order of closest

Can you book the golf course?

Please directly contact each golf club and book by yourselves.

Can I invite my friends and some aquaintance?

Due to the crime prevention, we decline this request. Please have them only at the lobby.

Is there any convenience store near hotel?

Yes, there is Daily Yamazaki in 1 minute on foot. Also, there’s Seven Eleven in 10 minute on foot.

About cancellation

When you cancel the reservation 7 days before, we won’t charge the cancellation fee. Due to the bad weather and public transportation isn’t operated, we won’t charge the cancellation fee, however please let us know.